About Us

Caribbean Lighthouse was founded by Caleb Outten in his family’s garage in the year 2000. It has since grown from a staff of 1 to 47 persons, from a product line of 4 to approximately 50 items. As we seek to enhance our brand we recognize that the only way our objective can be achieved is through expansion and marketing. To this end, Caribbean Lighthouse wishes to make its presence known to as many family islands as possible, as we recognize the Bahamas is not 1 or 2 islands but many.

Caribbean lighthouse is a company with proven resilience and integrity, having suffered great financial losses between 2004-2010 due to a series of hurricanes that hit Grand Bahama specifically and the down turn in economies in our region. We not only found means to increase and improve our product line but retained each employee and terminated not one due to this period of hardship. We were confident that the time of hardship was for but a period only. We recognize that the resilience of our company was as a result of the resilience of our team, who are our greatest resource.

Come, walk with us as we seek to not only introduce a product, a company but to improve a people and display a part of our culture to the world! Will you go with me?